Sabrina Anna-Marie Shrader was born in Raleigh General Hospital on April 8th 1984 and she was three months early! She spent her first 2 months of life in an incubator. She was born into generational poverty. She went to school in McDowell County until her mother and 3 siblings moved to Mercer when she was 13. She attended Bluefield Middle School and the next year she went on to Princeton High School; she graduated in 2002.

She went next to Concord University where she would receive a Bachelor of Social Work degree in 2008. Growing up, she faced many challenges, she knows the struggle of “not having enough.” Being a social worker in different jobs throughout her adult life, she’s seen the systematic causes of poverty, it’s effects, and what needs to be done to help those who are somewhat stuck in poverty.

Her heart’s greatest desire is to see West Virginia thrive! She wants to bring good paying jobs to Southern West Virginia through research and incentives for employers to locate here. She wants teachers to be paid a fair wage, not at the bottom of the current pay scale that they are currently on. She wants to see unions restored and workers’ rights increased. She advocates and fights for programs that help children and low income families rise! She believes that all of these things will result in West Virginia seeing a rise in the “Middle Class” and fewer people living in poverty.